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Courtesy of the Television Zombies podcast (http://www.televisionzombies.com), episode 66, a clip of Brea Grant talking about her rules on the best way to watch and enjoy the show, Fringe. I wasn't originally going to upload this, but I thought the last minute or so was very much worth it. I really love the what she says and how she words it. Its actually beautiful in a sense.

"Get ready to suspend your belief, that's the reason you watch TV, remember? Before we started tearing each episode of LOST apart, looking for details within every frog, we actually watched shows, and we believed them. We didn't rip them bits before they had a chance, we watched them with the wide eyed readiness of children, maybe because we were children when we watched shows like the X-Files, but I'm tired haters, not just the science-y people, but the people who have to know EVERYTHING. Leave in some mystery, some storytelling. There was a time when we were willing to suspend our belief, we believed a girl named Buffy fought vampires, we believed three sisters were modern day witches, and we believed two agents looked for and found evidence of aliens. So take a cue from the X-Files, when it comes to shows like this, its not the mystery book that you're trying to figure out by the end, just sit back, relax, and believe."

download this in mp3 format here

As a PS, I just wanted to let anyone who uses my Brea photobucket know that I'm working on getting it 100% up to date with everything I have. I haven't had a chance to work on it the past month or so, I'll let you guys know when its done.


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