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everybody loves mail

Hey Everyone, 

I'm Jackie, I'm going to be helping take care of this place and I woke up this morning with what I think is a great idea and I want to see if you guys feel that way too.

I was watching Brea live the other night and thought who would love a card (postcard/letter) campagne more than Brea Grant?  She's adorable and sweet and she's been so good to her fans in the past few moths, I'd really like to give something back.   So I was thinking about organizing a happening where we all send her holiday cards say around the middle of december and bombard her with lots of thanks, love and wishes for a happy new year.  

This post is just to feel out if there's any interest but I think it would be something nice we could do for her.  Please let me know what you think!

- J

Live interview tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night at 10pm EST (7pm PST), you can watch it here and you can ask her questions one of two ways, you can @reply twitter her the question (@breagrant) or you can email them to info@breagrant.com mark them with #bglive so she knows that's what they are. You can also ask questions live while she's doing the interview.

source: Brea's Blog


Brea pictures (September & October 2008)

I thought I would post some photos of Brea at some recent events, looking stunning as always.

The New T-Mobile G1 Launch Party 17 October 2008

plus 6Collapse )

"Max Payne" Los Angeles Premiere 13 October 2008

plus 10Collapse )

Comedy Central's Emmy Awards party 21 September 2008

plus 3Collapse )


Nov. 9th, 2008

Hey guys! I want to thank everyone who's joined this community so far! I just wanted to remind you all to spread the word, and don't be shy to start posting! Also, if there was anyone out there who wanted to help me out and make a Brea layout I'd be much appreciative, seeing as how I'm not very good with all that.

Lastly, I finished the User info, and put in a lot of information about her guest spots on various tv shows, webisodes she's done, and movies and shorts and all. I've got her episodes of the TV shows and I plan on cutting them down to just her scenes and posting those on youtube soon for anyone who's interested.


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Welcome To breagrantfans

Anyone and everyone is welcome, but please be sure to read the rules first.
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